Why is it so and can it be better

Design Johns immersion

On johns immersion I got to draw my own design of an iPad.I tried drawing the insides of an iPad,it was tricky but was fun.

Design and creativity Paul and candidas immersion

I got to do puzzles and mind tricks it was hard but fun.one of the puzzles was if there were 2 parents and 2 adults and 1 pirate.This was my guess.1 parent sails across and pushes the boat back.Then the 2 kids ride the boat with the parent pushing the boat.Then they push the boat back.Then the last adult goes on the boat and the pirate pushes the boat.Then they push the boat back and pirate can have his boat back.

Inventions Fiona’s immersion

I got to make my own invention.It was totally fun.I made a swat that prevents bugs and insects from coming into your house.
Australians have the best inventions and that was interesting.I wonder how saltwater panels work.

Designs of the telephone celies immersion.

I got to learn about telephones and how they’ve changed.There unique and interesting.I learnt that Alexander bell invented the telephone.

Spaghetti bridge Roberts immersion

Here I got to make my own spaghetti bridge.It was a funny idea.I worked with jack f,tanisha,Stephanie,holly and Regina.It was really fun making my own bridge.Hope my group wins.

What is an invention:
An invention is something new that people have created and helped the world in every day things.

What is an innovation:
An innovation is improving an already used creation and making it better.

What I am wondering:
How solar panels work and how they sense heat and light.

Is my idea an innovation or inventions:

How and why:
It and innovation cause I can’t think of any inventions and because improving things will make things better.

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