Why did they come?

What did we do?:We looked at some stations about the world wars.

What did I learn?:That the world war made a large impact to the earth.

What am I wondering?:Why did the world war occur.And why did it cost ten pound to come to Australia.

What did we do?:We learnt about gold rush 1865.

What did I learn?:People from other country’s wanted to mine for gold
During 1865 because it’s really valuable.

What am I wondering?:Why is gold so Valuable and why didn’t people mine in there on country.

What did we do?:Learnt about the convicts of Australia.

What did I learn?:That convicts built Some beautiful places in Australia.

What am I wondering?:Why did Convicts have to act like slaves to the British empire

What did we do?:I learnt about the aborigines culture and how they lived.

What did I learn?: in aboriginal partings,Symbols have meanings and names.

What am I wondering?:Why did aboriginals have to eat dirty foods like grubs.

What did we do?:We learnt about asylum seekers and refugees and there diffrences.We also read about a man who was 5 when he became a refugee with his brother and mother.

What did I learn?: that asylum seekers left a country illegally because they were scared of prosecution. And refugees left a country legally because of prosecution.
What am I wondering?:Why do Detention centres give poo water and why don’t they give them money or items and stuff.

What did we do?:Vietnamese boat people 1970’s

What did I learn?:that South Vietnam vs north in a war because a disagreement.

What am I wondering?:How the Vietnamese would have felt in a hard time.

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