I can answer questions.
John told me to answer this questions.
How do you think you felt watching the film: like Jesus can do anything.
how do you think the man felt whe he got healed of blindness: like god can do anything.
What are the events that happened in this story: Jesus meets a blind man,puts mud on his face,tells him to go to a lake to wash up and then he is healed.

I can research.
What have you learnt about Jesus and others: Jesus can do anything,god can do anything and his diciples are very handy.
Please comment below to put in your answer to these questions, DYLAN OUT.


I can make a fact file.


I can write about Matthew the disciple.


I can write a special prayer.


I can work on the assumption of Mary.
The assumption of Mary.


In this image,I can see Mary’s body on a tomb and there are people standing around her.I can also see Mary standing up in the sky with Jesus placing a crown on her head.2 angels are also surrounding her.
I think what’s happening is Mary’s is taken up to heaven.She was not like the other passed away.For she had her body in heaven.

Religion reflection term3
I can write an reflection

Term 3 was a huge term and was really fun.

I learnt a lot of things such as the assumption of Mary.Mary was such a nice person and would never get angry.So when she died,she went up to heaven not just with her soul,but with her body.I also learnt about beatitudes,it’s like a saying but like this,blessed are those who are meek for they will rule the world.I also learnt about confirmation,I learnt about that there are symbols about confirmation.Then we also learnt about Mary Mackillop and how she lived and how she became a saint.We also made cards for the nursing home and confirmation students.This year we also Learnt about Saint Vincent de Paul and how he was a really nice person and really that’s how he became a saint.




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