Week 5

I can write a reflection for week 5
I’m proud of the effort I used in my work this week.

I have learnt about the assumption of Mary and that her body also went to heaven.I also learnt about kids who had to leave there country.

My goal for next week are trying to us more interesting word possibilities.

I can write an reflection for week 7

This week,I really liked the must dos john has given us.

I also learnt about the homeless (homeless facts above)

A goal I want to work on next week is the better use of punctuation.

Term 3 final reflection.

This term I mostly loved doing the travel expo,it was challenging and interesting. Me and my group got stress some times but,We. Did the best work we can,I’m proud if the the work I’ve done. Me and my group did tons Of work,I really think that me and my group work well together.

On book week I dressed up as a ninja.I brought a kendo stick and waved it around in the parade.It was fun until, I didn’t win the parade,It kinda stunk when I didn’t win,but I still liked dressing up as a ninja. It was weird playing outside in a ninja outfit.It was a tiny bit funny.

I loved football day . A tribute to the footy fans and players.Oh the joy of me and the boys.Its funny cause I only talk to Collingwood supporters. Its a fun day and I’m always happy to have it every year. I really think its a day of fun and games.I also do think footy day is all about having fun and having a go at footy.

Week 2 term 4 reflection

What I enjoyed:
Making a game was swell and was a good mix of work and creativity.It was one of my favourite must dos of all time.
I also loved learning about shapes.It was fun discovering shapes.

What I’m proud of:
Being my best me and being effective.I think now I’m putting good effort to my work.

What my goal is for next week:
Is to finish my work faster.

I can write a reflection

Week 3 reflection- Tuesday

What’s good about being 3-6 in lc3:
No younger kids are distracting me and bothering me. It’s pretty annoying.

What’s a concern about it:
Even though the younger kids sometimes annoy me, it isn’t really normal working without juniors. Cause During quizzes when I’m stress,juniors make me smile.

What I can do to over come it:
By playing with the juniors at play and not worry about learning.

I can write an reflection

Week 3 reflection:
What I’ve enjoyed:This week I’ve totally enjoyed working in lc3 with all my old friends.And I’ve also enjoyed the must do’s this week in English,such as study ladder.It was real fun.

This week I’ve learnt: about possibility and chance.Ive also learnt new words such as likely and unlikely.

My goal for next week:is to work as effectively as possible.

Week 5

This week I’ve enjoyed doing all the different must dos and creating my own game because we can create are own outdoor game. And I also enjoyed doing the robotics.

This week I’ve learnt about soil on comprehension in English and that soil has a mixture of minerals, animal bodies, dirt and rock.

My goal for next week is to use suffixes and prefixes in my writing

Week 6 reflection

I enjoyed doing the Olsc’s got talent and going through to round 2. I also enjoyed doing paper scrolls and making a clover.

I learnt about poppies and how they are a part of Remembrance Day and I also learnt about the 1 min of silence on Tuesday Remembrance Day.

My goal for next is to use more interesting suffixes and prefixes.

Sport reflection

What I’ve learnt: I’ve learnt
Doing elastics and how they work. Ive also learnt about all the types of invasion games and how they are sport and all the different strategies. I’ve also learnt this year about rugby and how to play.
My highlight was cross overs my highlight was crossovers because I got to run through the other side and make it past. I also liked saving the people.

Performing arts reflection:
What I’ve learnt: that clowning and miming takes a lot of face expression and body use.I also learnt that there are a lot of different types of music such as Balinese music or Maltese music.Ive also learnt that to have a good performance,You need to use good expression.
What I’ve enjoyed:
I’ve enjoyed doing the Olsc’s got talent because I got destroy my shyness and actually make it to the second round.It was a great experience.

Auslan reflection:
What I’ve learnt:
I’ve learnt the different purposes of Auslan and signing.Ive also learnt what signing could do to the deaf.

What I’ve enjoyed:
In Auslan I’ve enjoyed doing the project because I’ve got to make a cool poster with all the suitable things for the deaf.It was great fun.

Art semester 2 2014 reflection:

What I’ve learnt:
This semester I’ve learnt about paper scrolls and the different scrolls.Ive also learnt about making mosaics and how they work.Ive also learnt about self portraits and that there a drawn version of your self.Ive learnt also about hot and cold colours and the different colours.And I’ve also learnt about making clay models.

What I’ve enjoyed:
This semester I’ve enjoyed doing mosaics because I got to cooperate with my group.And I’ve also enjoyed using clay to make a model.Ive also enjoyed preparing for the art show because it was fun and I’ve got to do different art pieces

My group worked:
My group worked well in making a mosaic and cooperating.And the group also cooperated well.

I think art is:
Special because without art,the world would be dull.

Art has helped me:
Because it made me more imaginative.

Paper scroll art


Week8 reflection

What I have enjoyed:
This week I’ve enjoyed doing the specialist activities and finishing them of.

What I’ve learnt:
This week I’ve learnt how to make a good big write introduction with Troy on Wednesday and I’ve also enjoyed making paper scroll art with Candida.

My goal for this week is making a good big write with good quality wodrds.

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