I can write a recount about a rotation day.
Health,body,mind and spirit.
Meditation: in meditation, I got to relax and meditate.I enjoyed listening to the meditation story.I wonder how meditation works.
Fitness: in fitness, I got to do a beep test.I enjoyed doing the beep test.Iwonder why the 000 helpline need to do a beep test.
Brain: in brain, I did brain teasers.I enjoyed doing the different brain teasers.I wonder why brain teasers help your mind.
Yoga: In yoga ,I did different yoga exercises.i enjoyed feeling flexible after yoga.I wonder how yoga works.
Aerobics: in aerobics, I did different exercises and felt my pulse. I enjoyed feeling my pulse.I wonder how pulse works.
Food: in food,I got to see healthy food and not so healthy food. I enjoyed learning about the different foods.I wonder why fat free foods have a lot of sugar.

I can write a information report.
Lack of sleep causes sluggishness and laziness.
Sleeping let’s us relax for hourssss.
TV or technology affects sleep, but exercise can help you sleep.
Some times sleep is super hard.Its because something may be to awesome you just can’t wait.
Drinking soft drinks can cause sleep Los.

I can write a timetable with different times of activities.


I can make my inquiry about nerves.


I can do a task about young immigrants
Young immigrants name:
Where they came from:
2:South Korea
3:Sierra Leone
What’s there experience of immigrating:
1:she remembers going to the usa when she was a baby.
2:She went to the usa for her moms job.
3:he had to leave his country cause of an war.
4:she remembers going to JFK airport.
5:when she first came here,She thought it was scary cause she didn’t know English.
The similarities and differences between there country of origin and there new country:
1:For her,In her country of origin she celebrates Christmas in January 7.
2:in Korea he eats korean,but here he eats steak and hamburgers.
3:he thought the USA was gigantic.
4:she thinks New York is super cold.
5:She doesn’t have pets in Texas but she does in Mexico.

I can write a about captain cook

Captain Cook was working in the British Royal Navy.
Before he worked in the British Royal Navy,He was a sailors apprentice.
Soon Captain Cook got to go to the expedition he also got a note from the king. he agreed to go on an expedition.So he studied for weeks.
On august 1768 55 sailors, a one handed cook an astronamist,
4 artists and a botanist went on a ride called the endeavour for the expedition.
After eight months at sea,The crew dropped the anchor and arrived at land.Then they arrived at New Zealand.Then they started sailing again.For days they had been sailing.Soon they found a land saw some new animals.Soon they decided to leave but then the boat hit the coral reef and the boat broke.So they had no choice to stay on this strange land.There they fixed there boat and returned home.
And that land,Was called new south whales.

Design and technology reflection

This inquiry project was a fun as project.It was great because I got to make a prototype of my invention,The easy plant.It was basically a pot with valcro attachments.It was an simple but fun idea.I liked making all the attachments by hand.It was interesting how the valcro works.I liked the process of making an invention it wasn’t easy but it was fun so it was worth it.It was a great project.But it would be better if I could have worked in a group.I thought having a pot with attachments was pretty cool so I made 1.It only takes 1 day and it’s fun along the way.possibly I’ve i had valcro led lights,it would be better.Next time when I’m older,I’d make this product and try get them on the shelves.I was going to make another creation at the start,but it kinda was too hard.It was one of the best projects ever.

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