Build me a house term 4

This math project,I’ve got to make my own estate with my group.Max,Lachlan,sidney and Halle.We each had a role,Me and max were builders,Lachlan was the manager,Sidney was accountant and Halle was interor designer.It was a blast making the estate with some of my best freinds.But was hard was actually building the estate.We had to rebuild it twice because the first one wasn’t…right. Making the estate took a lot of skill and hard work. It was also really fun shaping the estate.The fact that we sort of became builders was fun.When I first found out that we were going to be estate builders,I was looking forward for what’s going to happen later throuout the project. Working as a group got me more confident in performing or talking in front of big groups of people.It was fun working witha group and this project was ggggreat. Its totally worth it making an estate because I got to spend time with my freinds.

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